When, returning home from a Thanksgiving visit with their youngest son, her husband collapsed in the airport, Lois Hjelmstad instinctively knew that her life would change. 

Les and Lois had been married sixty-four years, still crazy-in-love, when they found themselves in a sudden transition from the category of active-old to old-old. This remarkable story of their next five years describes their ongoing effort to maintain their lifelong egalitarian love affair as they coped with the new challenges.

And in that struggle, they found that it is the precise moment in which we concede our transcience that life and love become most cherished. 

"Hjelmstad, in her lyrical prose and poetry, gives us a rare–sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always realistic–view of life from the parallel universe of the old-old. This is a story we rarely hear. It is a book for all of us, and a must for health care professionals with older clients." – Anne Rankin Mahoney, PhD, Professor Emeritus in Sociology, University of Denver 

"Growing old. It is something we all do. Some do it with more grace and good humor than others. Few are as elegant as Lois and Les." – Fred Silverman, NY Producer


Going, Going…

Day by day he disappears
skin and muscle shriveling
I always thought he was big-boned

but now I see
he isn't 

(Excerpted from Abidance)