Fine Black Lines Is Free

I haven't posted for so long that I forgot how to access my dashboard and had to email my webmaster. Good grief!

I think I have some weird internet or computer phobia when it comes to this kind of stuff. I just know that if I haven't done a particular thing for a month or so I won't remember how and then I'll feel incompetent, ignorant, and maybe even incorrigible. I hate feeling that way.

All this to say "Hi!" and let you know that, for the first time, Fine Black Lines, my breast cancer book, will be FREE as a Kindle eBook this coming Monday and Tuesday (September 14 and 15, 2015). Just go to  

And if you find it in your heart to share, tweet, email, whatever, to your millions of friends, I won't mind.

My big joy today is that tomorrow is our 67th wedding anniversary. We are so lucky and grateful. 

Thanks. I love you. Lois  

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