A Christmas Wish

A poem for Christmas Eve:

Christmas Wish

I’d like to find my path again—
shall I follow a star?
can I come from afar?

I’d like to stand in awe again—
should I crouch on a hill?
could I kneel in a stall?

I need to touch my soul again—
might I find a new way
to remember, to pray?

I yearn to wend my way back home—
although I know
one cannot go. . .

Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad
December 23, 1993


Julia Barnickle 31-12-2012, 11:53

This is such a wonderful poem. So touching. It describes very well how I’ve been feeling lately, and why I’ve started taking photographs again.

Lois Hjelmstad 22-01-2013, 15:58

Thanks, Julia. I’m glad your feelings were validated. Smile.


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