Fine Black Lines – $15.95
The Last Violet – $14.95
This Path We Share – $18.95
Abidance – $16.00


Fine Black Lines: Facing Breast Cancer brings courage, comfort and joy to those dealing with breast cancer – patient, caregiver, family.

The Last Violet: Mourning My Mother, Moving Beyond Regret provides hope and healing to anyone who has lost a mother or wants to improve her relationship with her mother.

This Path We Share: Reflecting on 60 Years of Marriage enlightens, encourages, and inspires any couple who wants to build, maintain, or recapture a successful marriage.

Abidance: A Memoir of Love and Inevitability takes the reader into the nitty-gritty of older years, lets you understand your parents and patients better, and shines light on optimism for that stage of life.

IMPACT: The Story of Dr. Robert Pace and His Comprehensive Musicianship is for students and teachers. It includes practice technics, educational philosophy, and anecdotes from piano studios.