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Myth – Breast cancer is not a serious disease.

Donna Peach has a new article that speaks to the way breast cancer has been trivialized in some circles to the point that people almost have the impression that no one dies from it these days. The fact is that around 40,000 women and about 400 men still die from breast cancer every year. (Obviously, I have been one of the lucky ones so far. And so have you if you're reading this.)

Breast cancer events are often touted as fun, celebrations, victories. There are balloons and streamers and pink hats. (Granted, I have also seen tears.)

Breasts are referred to by any number of trivializing names. "Boobs" is one.  Donna mentions several other popular and weird ones.

If you have had breast cancer or know someone who has, you will be interested in reading her thoughts. 

And tomorrow I'll post a poem for all of you. Promise.

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