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I’m Stunned – and Thrilled

Last Saturday night Les and I attended the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Award banquet at the Denver Field House. (I say that casually, as if we usually go somewhere on Saturday night.) It was a challenge, but between Lyft and a transport chair, we managed. We sat at a table way in the back because it was closer to the entry.

I had received a letter from CIPA that my new book, Abidance: A Memoir of Love and Inevitability, was a finalist. I did not tell Les or anyone about the possibility of an award, pretty sure mine would be minor.

The food was good; our table companions were delightful, but Les was getting tired and impatient by intermission. I begged him to stay.

Soon thereafter, Dr. Patricia Ross began to announce the awards in my most-hoped-for category, Autobiography/Biography/ Memoir:

Merit, 3rd Place, 2nd Place….

Oh, well, I thought, I’ll get something in one of the other categories.

Dr. Ross paused dramatically.Then she said, “And lst Place goes to (another dramatic pause) Abidance: A Memoir of Love and Inevitability.” What? What did she say?

As I scrambled to pull my cane from under the table and walk to the platform from the back of the room, tears filled my eyes. I had not dared to hope.

(Abidance also received 3rd Place awards in Motivational/Inspirational and Interior Design.)

Now, a week later, Les and I are still glowing. Thank you, CIPA!

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