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Oh, no. Declutter the relationships in our lives?

(I am re-posting this from a year ago.)

We love our families. We love our friends–we go to lunch fifty-seven times a month (no, wait, that doesn't compute). We gad about like flutterbys (on Facebook and off, on Twitter and off, on LinkedIn and off). If we aren't madly chasing about, if our daybooks aren't a sea of scribbles, if our iPhone doesn't beep constantly, if our Inbox isn't at 89 incoming emails and definitely not holding, who are we?

It clearly is "in" to be busy and who hasn't said, "It's just crazy around here, just crazy," while smiling a bit smugly?

Some of us work two or three jobs. Some of us have breast cancer. Some of us have chronic fatigue syndrome. Some of us have other health problems. Some of us deal with tragedy. Some of us have 14 grandchildren and 8 great grands. (I fit into every category but the first one.)

So how do we decide what we can do, whom we can see, what meetings we should attend, what charities to support, how to make a difference?

Each of those we love is important. Each of our friends brings something special to our lives. Most charities are worthy. (But be sure you know which ones.)

To prioritize my life, I have drawn circles. I am in the center.

If I don't take care of myself, there is no energy for the rest of the circles. Les is next, followed closely by our children and their families. (I'm already up to more than thirty people.) That pretty much means I keep up with the rest of the people near and dear to me with a quick email here and there, Facebook, blogs, and the annual Christmas letters. Is it enough? Of course not.

(To be continued)

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  1. Great, Lois! So true. You and Julia Hubbel, another CIPA member, should talk. She is working on a book called The Exchange, about how we all are so tied to our technology devices and smart phones, we never have real exchanges. A real eye opener…and perhaps it will take some decluttering!

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