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One of my little great-grandsons had his 6th birthday recently. His grandma picked him up from school. Although they were actually going to celebrate his birthday the following Saturday, she brought a cupcake and a little birthday bag.  Eyes shining, he told her, “We had a field trip and it’s my birthday. I can’t BELIEVE how happy I am!”

She lit the candle on the cupcake and gave him the bag. He reached in and pulled out a roll of duct tape. “A roll of duct tape! I can’t BELIEVE how happy I am!” Grandma told him to reach in again and he pulled out a second roll of duct tape.

Great-grandson ran out of the room, calling, “Dad! Dad! TWO rolls of duct tape! I can’t BELIEVE how happy I am!”

I feel a surge of joy, too, just hearing the story. Can any of us BELIEVE how happy we are?

May we all find treasure in the small things of life.

Share one of your or a child’s happy moments.

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  1. Lois, lovely reminder. Just duct tape! I was reminded yesterday evening that it is time spent with our kids that is the most important gift we can give them (as the Christmas holiday approaches and we are inundated with messages that it’s all in the stuff!). Monday nights are crazy for us as we take the boys to Englewood for music lessons, but their lessons are stacked, so Gary arrives in the middle to pick up Andrew to take him home while I wait for Jack. When Andrew learned that he was going to get a burger and “have a date with daddy” (he is also 6) the roaring cheer that went up made me laugh.

    For Christmas, we try to tilt the ratio of gifts from Santa and from relatives more toward the “experience” category. It’s what floats their boats!

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