Married in September (2)


As it turned out, Les did find a place to stay for our wedding night – at an old hotel (The Auditorium). Whew! No more worry about that. Just deal with drab and dreary. Or not notice at all.

So this is the 64th anniversary of the third day before our wedding. The only thing I will say about it is what I wrote in my diary that night:

Boy, will I ever be glad to drive away with Les Sunday afternoon and never ever go through this again. And please, God, let all my children be sons?

[As it turned out, we have three sons and one lovely daughter whom I would not give up for anything.]

More tomorrow…


Roger 09-09-2012, 16:24

Les always told me you guys were at the Brown Palace. Or was that Karen that told me that. Now we know the real story. (Les was known to spin a yarn once in a while and keep a perfectly straight face). I will know better to check the facts with you for any other “interesting accounts” I hear from Mr L. S. Hjelmstad. In any case glad you did not have all sons as you know

Lois Hjelmstad 10-09-2012, 15:39

My dear Les is great at telling me something upsetting (with that straight face) and then laughing. When I get mad, he always says, “I told you the truth right away.” Oh, yeah. Right after the adrenaline rush.


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