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Somehow Mother, an excellent seamstress, managed to fix that huge hole in the maid of honor dress. She tore apart the skirt, unruffled some ruffles, stretched the material a bit, and stitched it all back up. No one could notice.

Today is the 64th anniversary of the day before the wedding. Les and I went to the church to meet with our pastor and receive a bit of marriage counseling. I think he said something about praying every day and making sure that Les managed the money. Actually, how much counseling can be done the day before the wedding? We couldn't even concentrate. 

And, as far as we were concerned, we didn't need to be advised. We had it all figured out. Riiight.

As Les dropped me off at my home, he whispered, "I'll see you at the weddding." Then he kissed me, and disappeared into the mist.

He'll see me tomorrow, I thought. I'm marrying him tomorrow.

If it had been now, rather than then, I think I might have added, OMG!

I packed that evening, well aware that it was my last night in my little room. Mother and Dad came down to say evening prayers with me and we all cried.

To be continued….

(And don't forget there is going to be a surprise.)


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