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Be sure to read to end of post for the surprise!

Today I want to tell you about our overnight trip to Grand Lake to celebrate our 64th. 

The first big departure from our original honeymoon was that this time it rained furiously all the way to Estes Park. followed by twenty miles of fog into Rocky Mountain National Park. As soon as we passed the Continental Divide, there was the sun. We could see a long stretch of the Divide. On the east side of the ridge, the dense clouds piled right up to the top. The west side was blue sky. Quite striking.

Secondly, while we were assigned the same cabin we had sixty-four years ago, it had been remodeled. King size bed now. Electric heat instead of the old wood stove. Updated bathroom. New carpet covered the old rough wood floors. Quite lovely.

Third departure – not quite as much sex.

Fourth departure – We went to dinner on the glassed-in deck of the Lodge. In honor of our anniversary, and with much enthusiasm from management, we gave a copy of This Path We Share to each couple there. Our gifts were met with delight and soon the entire deck was wrapped in love and good wishes. Les and I were ecstatic.

And now, while we can't give away books to all of you, I did promise a surprise and this is it:

Starting today, through September 30 only, we are offering copies of This Path We Share for just $10 (regular price $18.95) plus FREE shipping. This book makes a wonderful present for newly marrieds, harrieds, and old-timers like us. Limit 3 to a customer, please.

Go to the bottom of the page on  This Path We Share and click on "Order Direct Add to Cart." You can order as a guest if you don't have a Paypal account. If you want to send a check or have questions, call me at 303.781.8974. 

We offer a money-back guarantee. If you hate the book, I'll feel terrible, of course, but send it back and we will (sort of happily) refund the $10.

What can you lose? Do it now. I'll even personalize the book for you.

If you aren't interested, please keep following my blog, anyway! I love you all.

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