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Well, today is the 64th anniversary of the day we returned to Denver after our honeymoon in Grand Lake Lodge near Grand Lake, Colorado.

It was the fourth morning of our honeymoon (which had been beyond wonderful). And we had lodging in the rustic cabin, wood fires, three delicious gourmet meals a day (all for $16 a day, $48 total). And the weather had been fantastic. And…

However, the fourth morning, it was rainy and cold. All the excitement of the wedding was fading. I had worn each of the outfits in my trousseau. While I had looked quite fetching in each, they were now old hat. Actually, there were no hats at all.  

It was time to go back to Denver and begin the path we would share.

I think I say it fairly succinctly in This Path We Share:

The fourth day–a gray, foggy morning–we returned home to the chicken ranch and the little white clapboard house. The morning after our wedding Les' mother and his two youngest brothers had hurried back to North Dakota for the start of high school.

Les was lonesome for his family. I had rarely been away from mine. While I had thought the old farmhouse to be quite charming the several times I had visited, now it seemed cold, drafty–and empty. The realities of our life together began to set in.

Les was hungry. I didn't know how to cook.


(Excerpted from This Path We Share, (c) 1993, 2003, Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad)


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