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I’m still excited about my new book, Abidance: A Memoir of Love and Inevitability. Lots of  amazing responses. Actually, I continue to be excited by my old books, so I have a great offer:

Any one book – $15.00

Any two books – $25.00

Any three books – $35.00


And only $3.00 shipping on any size package!!  (You send your check when you get your package, IF YOU LIKE YOUR BOOKS.)

Email TODAY. lois.hjelmstad@gmail.com


“This beautifully written love story inspires couples to renew their commitment to living fuller lives together. Whether you’ve been married for one year or seventy, this wonderful story will bring tears, laughter, and inspiration to your lives. A must for aging readers, which includes everyone.”

– Connie Shoemaker, author of The Good Daughter: Secrets, Life Stories, and Healing

“I truly adore Abidance. Lois has written a page-turner about two soul mates whose marriage has endured much struggle and yet have been blessed with boundless love and good times. In this day of social media and everything digital, this is a tale about something we often forget: The deep and abiding love two people can have for each other, and the life’s journey they share.”

-Fred Silverman, New York Producer


Again, email TODAY. lois.hjelmstad@gmail.com

You can also pick up your full price copy here:



Love you all, Lois

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  1. Good morning on a cold morning in Goshen, IN.
    Our group met at Eunice Brennman’s home at Greencroft and following our meeting she gave us your book, Abidance to read. We both read it and enjoyed the journey through your life together. Since a number of your and now our friends, have moved to Goshen, we have learned to know and love them. It is now a privilege to have read your delightful, at times unnerving story of the eventualities of your life together. Thank you for the privilege of walking with your both through the years of a satisfying marriage. We are in our 64 almost 65 years of marriage and are thankful each day for each other and that we still have another day together. Theologian Rudolf describes this as “mysterium tremendum,” oh, yes!

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