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Pink here, pink there, pink hats and socks and underwear!

Recently I read a very interesting  post by Anne Marie of the blog Chemobrain, sent to me courtesy of Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. (Both of these sites have excellent, thought-provoking posts.)

There is a lot of discussion in the breast cancer cyberworld about "pink" and whether we should support it or whether it has been exploited. I offer Anne Marie's post and the subsequent comments as a way to understand the various positions.

As women, and especially as breast cancer survivors, can we hold up one another,  whatever our view?

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  1. Lois, we can absolutely hold each other up no matter what our view. Even the word “survivor” becomes controversial in a world where words mean many things to many people. Thanks for alerting your readers to the pinkwash controversy. We need to be apprised of how people (and not just those with cancer) can take what we say in a not-so-positive light. xx

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