Valentine’s Day 2014

I sit in my office this afternoon, working on the promotion for my FREE eBook of This Path We Share: Reflecting on 60 Years of Marriage. There is lots to do – find places to post, make a list of tweets to tweet, write copy.

But I'm distracted. Les is having his third heart procedure tomorrow morning. We have to leave home at 5:30 (we who seldom get up before 8:00). Earlier this afternoon I made copies of his current medications, Living Will, and Power of Attorney. I reduced them in size by 50% so that they fit in our wallets. I washed up some clothes for him to wear to the hospital. I packed my overnight bag.

Les has steadily become more ill since his last surgery on November 4. We are hoping this one helps him breathe better and lessens the swelling in his feet and ankles and increases his energy. But we are only cautiously optimistic.

You can pray for us or send good thoughts.

And on February 14 or 15, you can download a FREE ebook of our marriage, even if you don't need or want to read it, in honor of my beloved Valentine. (You can also download a Kindle PC for your computer if you don't have a Kindle yet.)

Thanks for everything. Love, Lois



Shanda 09-02-2014, 19:22

You, Les, and your family have my prayers tonight, tomorrow, and as you go forward after this surgery.

karen sutherland 09-02-2014, 22:29

dear lois,

I am sending you and les my most fervent good thoughts for the heart procedure to have a good outcome, for comfort, and for healing. I can only imagine the mixture of cautious optimism and the hope you both must hold onto.

I will feel honored to read your new book and find it so poignant it is timed for release at valentines’ day. how fitting, being you have been sweethearts, so deeply in love for over 60 years.

much love and light to you and les and your family,

Karen xoxo

Catherine 18-02-2014, 11:11

Sending healing and comfortable thoughts to your husband and to you.

Lois Hjelmstad 18-02-2014, 17:04

Thank you so much,Shanda, Karen, and Catherine. Les and I really appreciated your thoughts.


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