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Hi, there –

Welcome to my world, which is a pretty old world. I have to wonder if blogging might be a bit much for someone who just turned 81. As someone who remembers turning 18, I can hardly wrap my mind around 81!

When people ask, "How are you?" I sometimes answer, "Walking toward the light, just walking toward the light."

However, while I'm walking, I'm starting this blog.

As a child, teen, wife, and mother, I wrote poetry, especially when life became intense.

So it is not surprising that the night before my first mastectomy in 1990 (age 59), I wrote a poem, "Goodbye, Beloved Breast." Poems continued to pour out. My oncologist said, "Do something with these." Easy for him to say.

So I entered a steep learning curve, formed Mulberry Hill Press, and Fine Black Lines was born when I was 63. It has poetry, but it is not a poetry book. It has journal entries, but it is not a diary. It has photos, but it is not an album. It is my heart and soul.

Now I have authored and published three books:


Fine Black Lines: Facing Breast Cancer

The Last  Violet: Mourning My Mother, Moving Beyond Regret

This Path We Share: Reflecting on 60 Years of Marriage


Fine Black Lines opened a lot of doors. (Or was it the picture of my two mastectomies on the cover of Colorado Woman News back in the days when that just wasn't done?)

I'm not sure how many more books I will write, but I still have some things to share about breast cancer, grief, marriage, and life from the far view, so I would love for you to join me on this blog.

Love, Lois

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